Erin Brooks

Welcome and I am so pleased you are here!

For many years I have been inspired to change women’s view about ‘dressing our underneath.’ As a result, I designed the concept behind a bra palette. We are so much more than just helping a woman find a comfortable size, fit & style bra which is right for her body and budget. We are all about leading a woman down a journey to celebrate and enhance her own authentic self… to empower her to strip away bad body images, which ultimately hurt self-worth.

Our mission is to help a woman learn to celebrate her body, her style, & her self worth. These are the basic principles from which a bra palette was founded. Every woman, regardless of age, size, or shape, deserves to feel beautiful underneath to exude a powerful presence in every aspect of her life.

So ladies, it is time to look at your body and soul as a blank palette and join a bra palette on an authentic journey to create the new, positive you from the inside out! What lies beneath is only the beginning …

With love,