December 21, 2016
Give Yourself a Holiday Gift

The holiday season is supposed to bring out the best in us and be a joyous time of the year. For most women, though, the burden of holiday shopping, entertaining, and all the preparations fall on our shoulders! We often end up exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted by December 31st. But, that does not have to be the case! As we say at a bra palette, making yourself ‘#1 on Your Priority List’ can lift much of the stress and put things into perspective.

Part of the drama and overwhelming feelings of the holidays are because we simply forget that we come first, and our well-being is the most important thing. So, instead of buying another candle for your best friend, gift yourself while you gift her…take a few hours to do lunch and manicures together. Schedule your hair appointment instead of wrapping gifts. Just hire a middle or high schooler to do your holiday gift wrapping. Enjoy a bath and take in the elegance of your own beautiful body in your favorite soak. Go ahead, buy that sexy piece of lingerie you have been looking at all season. It is the gift that gives back…especially if you are flaunting it off under the mistletoe! Simply said, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are ENOUGH. So go enjoy your holidays! We love you!💜


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