January 9, 2017
How to Develop a Powerful Presence from ‘Underneath’

As I sit here all bundled up on a frigid January night, I realize how much I love my cozy pajamas. I will not lie, I am like most women and love to take my bra off when I get home and settle into my ‘lounge mode.’ Not because my bra is painful or annoying to wear, but because it’s just a habit. I love the way my bras fit and look on me, but let’s face it, there aren’t many of us that love to keep our bra on 24/7. That doesn’t mean, however, you shouldn’t have the right fitting bras that are comfortable and flattering to wear!

I wonder, though, if you are one of the thousands of American women who don’t pay much attention to what bra and panties you wear on a daily basis? As long as your bra fits and your panties don’t show lines, you are good to go! If this is you, don’t get your panties in a wad, because you are more the norm than not. In fact, statistics show that American women tend to spend an average of $20-$50 on everyday bras, and may only have 2-3 that we even find ‘suitable’ to wear. We truly only ‘treat’ ourselves (or our partner does), to that sexy lingerie if it’s a ‘special occasion.’

This is where we differ greatly from French, Austrian and Asian women when it comes to how we view lingerie. In fact, French women spend an average of 20% of their clothing budget on lingerie and consider it as a staple in their wardrobe. They enjoy shopping for their lingerie at specialty boutiques and take great pride in how they dress themselves ‘underneath.’ The majority of American women, however, only spend 10% of their clothing budget on lingerie. We tend to spend more on purses, shoes, and accessories. So why the difference?

Perhaps because it’s not typical for most American moms to take their daughters for a ‘first bra fitting,’ let alone pay that much attention to their own best fit and style bra. It may be that the majority of us don’t see wearing beautiful lingerie on a daily basis to also be practical and comfortable. Instead, American women are used to just compromising by wearing bras that don’t necessarily fit right. We don’t take the time, or even know where to be professionally measured for the ideal size, fit, and style bra. This clearly is why 80% of women are walking around and living daily in the wrong size bra…and complaining about it!

The reality is, what a woman wears ‘underneath’ on a daily basis has far greater of an impact on her attitude about how she carries herself. It is proven that if a woman puts as much time into being professionally fit and styled into the right bra and panties as she does deciding what handbag and shoes she is going to wear, she is will be more likely to create an overall ‘powerful presence around herself.’ Our inner psyche is far more conscious about how we feel underneath our clothes, which is why when we are wearing our best lingerie, we usually feel much sexier. Disagree with me if you chose, but I dare you to test this out yourself.

My challenge is for all women to believe that regardless of your size, shape, color, age, or budget, you deserve to dress yourself underneath confidently and beautifully. You are worth it! I can promise you it will positively impact your overall daily attitude and feeling of self confidence. This is one of our key missions at bra palette, and why we here to help you learn how to celebrate and enhance your authentic self! We believe our journey will lead you down the path to love your underneath like you never have before. We love you!💜

(photo credit: Henry Ascencio)

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