December 6, 2016
Loving Yourself is the Greatest Revolution!

Loving ourselves unconditionally is one of the most difficult things for most women to do. We are bombarded daily with images of what our culture considers and promotes as the ‘the perfect size & shape’ that a woman ‘should’ be. It is in our face everyday through pictures on social media, magazine covers, television commercials, shopping centers, malls, and even at the gyms where we exercise. The pressure is so immense for many women that it can lead to eating disorders, self-hate, body bashing, anxiety, depression, addictions, and as far as suicide for some. According to in 2009, “Thinheritance” is the new modern term describing females who have “inherited” their mothers’ views and opinions about her own body image, which is then projected onto daughters by way of comments about body weight issues and concerns about being “fat.” There are plenty of surveys which all discuss that more than half of girls, as young as the age of 5, worry about their weight and say they spend ‘a lot’ of time thinking about the way they look. Some even report they are constantly comparing their weight and ‘looks’ to other girls their age. And to make matters worse, over 50% of girls say they usually don’t like the way they look in a ‘selfie.’ Do you ever wonder why photoshop apps are consistently increasing in numbers? To top it all, The National Institute on Media and the Family report that 40% of girls, as young as 9 years old, have tried to diet.

Obviously, this is an enormous problem for young girls and women in our society for so many reasons. When these overwhelming ‘body image’ pressures begin at an insanely young age, it leads young girls to not feeling attractive or good about themselves. It wears them down, leads to many issues as discussed above, and stays with most of them into adulthood. We can’t ever have a ‘bad hair day,’ go to the grocery store without make-up, must constantly be trying a new diet, and fall into a vicious cycle of destructive self deprivation. Some of us get to the point that we no longer feel important or valuable.

At a bra palette, we are here to help you through a new journey of ‘recreating’ and enhancing your beautiful self from the inside out. Realistically, when a woman falls into the trap of self-hate, it takes a long time to climb out of that hole. But, there is hope, help, and so many resources for any woman who decides to end the vicious cycle of miserable, self-defeating behaviors and feelings about herself. We hope we can be one of those resources.

We love you!💜

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