January 25, 2017
The Basics of ‘Authentic Self Lingerie’

What does ‘authentic self’ lingerie really mean? Well, for the majority of women it seems like a simple answer; it is whatever you chose to wear underneath your clothes! Pretty easy, right? Well, maybe not that easy. While there are millions of different types of lingerie to chose from and thousands of sources from where to buy, it really may not be that easy if you are dressing your ‘underneath’ for a ‘powerful presence.’ Furthermore, why is the statistic that ‘80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra’ actually true? Believe it or not, it’s a pretty simple answer…most women in the United States don’t know how to size, fit, or style themselves in lingerie. Furthermore, in today’s society, there is no longer an emphasis on having ‘professional lingerie consulting’ to help women discover the best size, fit and style of bra for our authentic bodies. Rather, the trend seems to follow the media as to what lingerie is the sexiest and from where it is most fashionable to buy. Or, we just simply take the approach of ‘grab and go’ when we are on the run and need a new bra. Well, none of these have led us to dressing ourselves in the lingerie that works best for our bodies…and that is what ‘authentic self lingerie’ is all about!

Personal lingerie consulting is a service that has been around since the 1930’s. It was the fashion in which most women were fitted for their lingerie, especially corsets. Yet many women today don’t even know what a corset is used for, let alone how to find a lingerie consultant. So, if you are frustrated with what you see lurking in your lingerie drawer every morning and haven’t experienced the uplifting service of personal lingerie consulting, a bra palette is here for you! Our goal is to take the negativeness out of shopping for bras and other essential pieces and share some of the very basics of getting you in the right lingerie! We want to know you first, then be your partner in guiding you to discover the ‘ideal bra’ for your size, fit, style and budget. So we welcome you to join our journey at a bra palette, fall in love with your ‘blank canvas’ (our fancy term for naked body) and get ready to design your new ‘authentic self lingerie’ wardrobe!

LET’S START WITH THE BASICS…bras, panties, and camisoles.

THE BRA…yep, that article of clothing that we least like to put on as a woman and can’t wait to take off when we get home! However, it does not necessarily need to be that way. One of the primary reasons I began a bra palette is because I want to help women discover not just one bra, but many bras, that fit well, feel comfortable, and can be worn with a ‘powerful presence’ underneath clothing to look fabulous! Yea, yea you say…there are a million different bra styles, every bra seems to fit a different way, I don’t even know what my true bra size is, and finally, where do I even begin? a bra palette is very excited to help you with these questions, as well as many others you may have. We want women, like you, to learn how to find your true bra size, discover what styles are best for your breast shapes & placement, and address why you will not achieve the most ‘ideal bra’ for your body type if these pieces are not all in synchrony.

PANTIES…oh those miserable things that show lines under our pants, creep up our butt cr**ks, and are always scratching us somewhere! Yes, all of those sexy little styles that when put on we think, ‘my butt certainly isn’t that big?’ Well, the same holds true for panties as does for bras. There is the right fit, shape, and style panty for every woman’s buttocks. With the panty industry exploding, there are some amazing fabrics, colors, fits, and styles that make finding the right pair much easier. In future blogs, we will go into greater detail as to how to fit and style yourself for panties too!

Finally, (for this blog at least), let’s talk about one of my favorite pieces of lingerie…the CAMISOLE!  The camisole (i.e. cami) is a spin-off of the corset to an extent, a lady’s version of a girl’s ‘undershirt,’ a fancier form of a tank top, and now a very common name in the shapewear world. I love the most basic form of a cami made out of a rayon/poly mix, with adjustable straps, and rather form fitting to my bodice. I believe this is such an essential piece of lingerie for several reasons; it is excellent for layering when wearing a shirt that may be low cut or loose fitting, it’s another garment to wear over a bra which can simply ‘hold things in place,’ and it also provides a barrier between your clothing and bra for days when ‘sweat’ may rear its ugly appearance. Again, there are many different fabrics, colors, fits, and styles to choose from, but don’t feel left out if you don’t wear one. This is just an ‘optional’ piece of lingerie we will discuss later!

So, get excited about our next blog, because a bra palette will delve into the nitty gritty details about THE BRA. In the meantime, though, please feel free to comment below, or even contact a bra palette through our Contact page (abrapalette.com/contact) with any and all questions about lingerie. a bra palette can even schedule a personal ‘Live Time’ consulting session to get you started down the right path of rebuilding your lingerie portfolio! Just let us know if you are interested in learning more about this service HERE. And as always, we love you!💜 #authenticself #powerfulpresence #dressyourbreastsright #loveyourlingerie

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