December 6, 2016
The Journey to Discovering Your ‘Authentic Self’

We are so glad you have decided to learn more about a bra palette and discover how to truly love your ‘authentic self.’ Our mission is to help a woman feel confident and comfortable in her own skin and celebrate her body, her style, and her self worth. One key element of a bra palette’s mission is to guide a woman to look in a mirror and actually see and believe her authentic self is incredibly special and beYOUtiful. Stripping away negative thoughts and body bashing takes time to walk away from. We are committed to being a positive part of your journey towards the revolution of loving yourself. It is also vitally important for YOU to be committed to this goal in order to productively move down the path towards self acceptance. You are probably wondering what this means?

Let’s start here…image your body as a blank canvas. Distant yourself from any ‘bad body images’ you may have, and get ready to develop a mindset which celebrates your own beautiful body regardless of your color, size, or shape. “Contrary to what you see in the media, we are not all supposed to look the same.” Your body is like a painting, and every authentic piece of art never looks like another. So, you have your own individual body palette… now a bra palette is going to help you discover how to celebrate and enhance your own internal and external personal attributes. Part of exuding your own external beauty begins with ‘dressing yourself underneath’ in a positive manner. That is where our role comes into play and our journey begins. We are glad you are here and cannot wait to be a part of your authentic journey. We love you!💜

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